1. Use coarse grinds for best results
2. Using 1:15 coffee grinds to water ratio  [50g coffee : 750ml of water]
3. Pour grinds into food grade filter bag n tie it
4. Using the ratio, place filter bag into a container of room temperature water and steep for 12 to 14 hours in the fridge.
5. Remove coffee filter bag from container, and it’ll be ready to drink!
Alternatively, you may use a cold brew flask which already has a filter basket that comes along with it.

For people who prefer to make concentrate to add water or milk thereafter:
Cold brew concentrate recipe
– Coarse coffee grinds
– Coffee grinds to water ratio 1:5
– Steep for 14 to 16 hours.
– Remove grinds
– Pour some coffee concentrate and add water + ice to dilute to desired taste. Add milk in it for taste/texture preference.

❗️Tip: it’s ideal to use air tight container while steeping in fridge.

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