Have a moka pot but not sure of the proper way to use it? Here’s a few tips from us!

1. Boil some hot water.
2. Fill hot water around 1/2 to 5/8 height of bottom chamber of moka pot.
3. Pour coffee grounds into pot’s filter basket. Gently shake it to even out coffee grounds in basket.
4. Place filter basket into bottom chamber.
5. Screw on top half of moka pot onto the bottom chamber with care as bottom chamber is hot.
6. Place over stove, using medium heat.
7. Water in chamber boils and steam pressure will push a steady stream of coffee slowly through upper chamber.
[If coffee stream is weak, increase the flame. If coffee explodes outwards, lower the flame as it is too hot.]
10. When you are able to hear a bubbling, hissing sound. Coffee is done.

[Be sure to wash the bottom of the pot using a cloth or wear mittens to prevent burns]
Enjoy your moka pot coffee! ☕🥳

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