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The truth is we are uncertain what we are about either apart from the fact that we make drinks and hope to profit off them. Yes, we use some good ingredients (see product details), all ethically sourced (to the best of our knowledge) and maintain strict hygiene standards at our premises where all our drinks are handcrafted. But simply listing facts makes for dull reading. Alternatively, humble bragging has grown too trite for our modern-day sensibilities while also being inimical to our penchant for modesty. It’s hard to do a good “about us”. In any case, one does wonder who seriously reads an “about us” page except corporate investors, competitors or the copywriter who wrote the d*** thing.

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Nevertheless, we will put our best foot forward. At C-Stack Brews we believe that the question of who we are has a deeper philosophical meaning, i.e., who we are is really what you make of us. We gained this profound understanding from the following quote off an anonymous user on 4chan – ‘you do not get to decide whether you are an a******; in fact, your opinion on the matter is largely immaterial’.


Logically following, your desire to answer the question of what makes C-Stack Brews may realistically only be sated by checking out a cart of your selected products (through our SSL encrypted secure payment gateway), having them delivered to you by us (as soon as the next day after your order) and finally tasting them.

Rest assured in the knowledge that we practice long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability and that even if we were merely paying lip service (which we solemnly promise we are not), said sustainability goals would not be compromised because our current sales volumes would cause negligible impact anyway.


On that note, we thank you for reading and will leave you with another quote, this time from the similarly talented writer C.S Lewis, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” We trust that you be checking out that cart shortly.



Our founder worked in the oil and gas industry for the last twelve years, mostly onboard oil rigs. Many were skeptical when he decided to leave the industry to pursue his passion for coffee. His parting words to them were, ‘oil is not the only black gold’.



At C-Stack Brews, we understand that an integral part of what makes a good coffee or tea rests in its brewing process. Hence, the name. It is also why we are constantly fine tuning our brewing techniques in pursuit of extracting that optimal flavor from all our coffees and teas.

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